Seattle-based, Sofia-born artist Vassil [va’sil] Ivanov makes abstract paintings and collages that encompass the energy of his unique artistic process. Using a variety of media including acrylics, paper scraps, ink, pencils and more, Vassil creates multi-layered artworks that lure the attention of their audience with the vibrant colors, markings and images they contain.

Each painting is an exploration of balance that is achieved only when the visual, physical and emotional elements of the work come together to accomplish a feeling of serenity, even when the subject is chaos.

His themes range from escapades under the sun to intergalactic voyages and oceanic mythology. All of which are created spontaneously as Vassil action-paints and often constructs multiple paintings on top of each other to achieve the results he seeks to find. Results which invite the viewer into realms of blissful abstraction and endless daydreams.